Leader Guide

The purpose of this guide is to equip you, the leader, with the tools needed to facilitate meaningful discussions and encourage spiritual growth among the participants.

Ideas for Bible study flow:

  • Prayer and Preparation
    Before each lesson, set aside time to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in leading the study. Familiarize yourself with the passages and questions, ensure you can respond to each confidently, and prepare any additional resources that may enhance the study experience.
  • Opening Prayer
    Begin the study with prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide the study and to open hearts to receive God’s Word.
  • Lesson Questions
    As you go through each lesson, encourage each person to share their answers and thoughts, but ensure no one dominates the discussion — including you, the leader. Discuss how the passages can speak to our lives today to help us be more like Jesus, living in obedience to God. Be prepared to gently steer the discussion back to the study questions if participants wander too far off-topic.
  • Refresh
    Have the Refresh section read aloud at the end of each lesson to serve as a final takeaway summary.
  • Closing Prayer
    As the leader, end the lesson with a quick closing prayer, thanking God for His Word and asking for continued understanding and growth.
  • Final Group Prayer
    After the closing prayer, ask for any prayer requests (consider writing them down on the Lesson Notes page), then have each person in the group pray out loud. If you have a large group, break off into smaller groups. A Bible study group is a safe place where everyone should encourage and support one another, cultivating the practice of praying out loud with others. Praying out loud in a group may be uncomfortable for some people at first, but encourage them to say, at the very least, “Thank You, Lord, for today.”

Planning for a Retreat?

  • Our 4-lesson studies are perfect for weekend retreats, and if you would like tips, a sample schedule, or have questions about making your retreat as successful as possible—or have any other Bible study-related questions—please feel free to contact Erika McCown.